The Paul Sellers Router Plane

Introducing The Paul Sellers Router Plane

This router plane is designed for you to make in your home workshop. The Paul Sellers Router Plane answers a need in the woodworking community where demand has outstripped supply of this unique tool. You make the body of the router plane from wood with a metal blade and metal adjusters. You can purchase most of the metal components ‘off the shelf’ but you will need to custom make a couple of them. This is a shop-made tool and the design is intended to enable people like you to make your own router plane. You can read the background to this tool coming to be in this blog post. If you would like to read the original announcement post you can see that here.

One Router Plane, Two Routes…

Paul Sellers Router Plane Drawings

An image that has text which says Paul Sellers and then a drawing of the router plane followed by the text The Paul Sellers Router Plane.

These technical drawings give you the key measurements for making your own router plane. Aside from measurements there is a detailed list of parts you will need to build the plane. You can download the technical drawings and parts list for the Paul Sellers Router Plane by following this button.

Not sure how to make and source the metal parts for the Router Plane?