Tool Cupboard Update


So many of you asked for this and there is of course something to building your own work cupboard. There are many twists in training in this one as we always try to find missing tricks of the trade I dragged with me through the decades. Often times I have seen the hoops machine-onlies do …

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Another Knife I Like


This blog is not saying this knife is better than my Stanley 0-10-0598. It is most likely I will never turn loose of mine now as I love it. Someone wrote to me and pointed out the blades of the Swann Morton knife blades looked very similar to the Stanley blade used in the 0-10-0598 so …

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My Thanksgiving Thank you!


I don’t know if most Brits and Europeans or indeed the rest of the world really understand the US tradition that took place yesterday called Thanksgiving, and I am sure that I cannot really articulate it either. My first Thanksgiving in 1987 was my arrival there as an emigre for various reasons. Living there Thanksgiving became …

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Great Holdfasting System


Most of you know I don’t really care too much for bench dogs. Mostly it’s because i don’t really need them. I am not sure if it’s the dogs themselves or the holes needed to use them I dislike, but mostly I think it’s the latter really. I have never really had use for them because of …

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A Clamp in Time


I grew up with cramps, the steel type and not stomach cramps, but cramps they were. When I was 15 the cramps we used, mostly Record and Woden, were sash and ‘T’ bar cramps and in my view worked to a level of perfection for that era and, until I began using alluminium ones, they …

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Safety for Kids in Woodworking


You all know I have strongly held that a massive sector of our woodworking society  is withheld from entering woodworking because of the predominant use of highly dangerous machinery they feel intimidates them. The intimidation is of course very real and so it should be. Woodworking machines are very highly dangerous and should be regarded as …

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Building a Tool Cabinet


Here is the introduction video to the new series on building this tool cabinet. The drawing is the outline but there are many hidden details too many to list that are designed specifically for training. Here is the brief intro: For years now people have asked me for a video series on building a version of …

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Building a tool cupboard


In a couple of weeks on we build the tool cabinet everyone has asked for and it’s a busy time in the making of it and the series. Carcass, drawers, tills, doors, panels all come from hand tools only. It’s the way to go and the way to grow your real woodworking skills. The …

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Paul’s poor man’s rebate plane on YT

I made this video for woodworking masterclasses a few months ago for a series we did on making picture frames by hand. I is quick and simple using an old chisel and in a short time you are making rebates (rabbets USA and France) without dust masks, hearing protection and face protection too. Here is …

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