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A Rasp by Liogier


When I used my first ever rasp I was disappointed with the results because the teeth seemed to go nowhere in the hard and dense-grained wood I was shaping. It put me off and I continued shaving wood with carving chisels and then spokeshaves too. Most of my shaping still comes from such tools and the …

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A Calendar For Woodworkers

I wanted a calendar for woodworkers that took a different tac. We asked Ryan, who photographed the beauty shots for my book, to help us out and I wrote a few sentences to go with each photograph. We made sure we got a quality print job on quality paper too and it has a simple but …

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Simple Things For Saw Hanging


Something to hang your hat on. I couldn’t help but laugh when I thought of this old saying. I remember when men I worked with talked about how one day carpenters would earn £20 per week. One man said, “Now that’s summat yer can hang yer ‘at on.” Of course rates of pay generally back then …

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It’s Hard to Say Why?


On Wednesday night my sleep was broken into segments of one hour sleeps intermittent with half hour interludes of excitement until 7am came and the alarm vibrated me into the dawn. Why? Well, I had spent the previous day preparing for my class when 15 unknowns would arrive and I would change the way the …

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An Event To Liven Your January 2017


I have wanted to present one of these for some time and now is the time. This will be the first of others to come hopefully. Often times my work in teaching and educating revolves more around the workbench and with good reason too. Some nationalities are known for speaking with their hands at the …

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Should I Go Again?


Someone asked if I enjoyed the woodworking show. I answered, “Yes.” Mostly because I did. He then asked further, “What did you like the most?” I said, “What do you mean?” and he said, “What did you see that inspired you?” I said, “Oh, I don’t know that anything being sold or offered as such was …

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Real Woodworking and the Campaign Continues


When the show ends the reality hits. It’s a lot of work pulling everything together. But then two small girls 3 and 8 sat on the front row called Ira and Kitty kept jumping in with comments and questions and the reality of woodworking for a new generation reminded me of how important my work …

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North of England Woodworking Show-I’ll Be There


We decided to book some space at the North of England Woodworking Show in Harrogate, North Yorkshire for this coming weekend 18-20 November. I’m bringing a few hand tools as per usual and then a workbench too, but this is mostly about seeing my woodworking friends, making and inspiring new woodworkers and then signing your books …

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Planting a Future Forest

Growing up I always loved nature and wild life because it always seemed to bring such refreshing change to my town-life upbringing. It was never exclusive and seemed always to be somehow an all-embracing escape into something good. I would sit and watch wildlife, pursue birdlife for hours on end through a pair of binoculars and …

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From Junk to Funky Functionality


We gather in a cluster around my bench. I twang an old saw as everyone finds a stool to perch on. Suspended in a sense of apprehension new learning in class always has, I break the ice with a welcoming nod and a “Welcome to the inner sanctum of my workshop.” Smiles break out and someone …

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