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On Rebates, Rabbets and Filletsters


Shoulder planes, rebate planes, filletster planes, bullnose planes, dado planes, carriage maker’s planes , badger planes and others too all create or refine step-downs in the wood to form or refine some type of rebate or housing. What’s the difference and which one should I buy? Some have square mouths and others skewed, while many …

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Testing Our Output – Make a Spatula For Us


We have conjoined elements of media to produce a more interactive presentation to teach woodworkers. We want to know that it works and the best way to do that is to let you test out our efforts to see if it is indeed truly interactive. We invited some woodworking buddies from our woodworkingmasterclasses.com site to try …

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Our Venture Into Pastures New


I am leaving today for a short break in France with my family. This week has been ArtWeeks in Oxfordshire and I thought it would be a great opportunity to give you all a tour of place that we are now working. Over the past few months I have made many new friends not the …

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The Future of Woodworking is (still) Under Attack

Not every woodworker goes to college and gains qualifications but most often their work equals the quality of those that do.

I probably shouldn’t write a blog when I’m close to feeling mad and frustrated but here goes. Over the past few days I encountered two spheres of, on the one hand industry, if we should treat education as a feeder phase into industry as politicians do, and the other a craft sphere.  Craft of course revolves around creative spheres …

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The Weekend Woodworking and WoodWords


ArtWeeks continues this week and the weekend was very successful and so too the WoodWords line up of authors sharing from their background the work in the books they wrote. It was quite humbling in many ways but the big thing for me was seeing the significance of the work the different authors contributed to the …

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The Big Week Ahead

Let me start out by saying I am so sorry to those who can’t come to the open house starting this Saturday but know this, YOU are all in my heart and every demonstration and lecture I am involved with this coming week will include you in my mind. Everyone here has been getting ready …

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A Letter I Liked

Hello Paul. I am a true follower of all your endeavours, I served my time at Willy Rose & Sons in Oldham , They were shop fitters and we did some high class work, I was engaged on the new Town Hall at Rochdale for years, most of the joiners used ordinary planes for everyday …

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A Week’s Work Progressing Real Woodworking

1: The poor man’s beading and marking tool went up on YouTube 2: My next ‘aged’ workbench nears completion       3: We launch yet another video series on woodworkingmasterclasses.com       4: We filmed a new series on making brackets to hold the tool cabinet we built on the last series on cabinet …

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Two Tested Tools to Start Out and Finish With


Spear & Jackson Handsaw I did as I said and tried out theSpear & Jackson handsaws, one dedicated as a ripcut saw and the other a dedicated crosscut and I like them both. I have done the same with their 12″ tenon saws too in the past and they came out great with just a …

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Open House For a Few Days

In our moving from North Wales to central England we no longer have the same opportunity to host visitors as we did at Penrhyn Castle; mostly because of the increased demand on our time. The quality of our work is ever improving because, as with our making fine furniture and woodworking, we put a great deal of effort …

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