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Tap Adjustment & Set for Panel Planes

It is such a lovely plane in the right hands.

The panel plane I treasure here has no mechanical adjustment and relies on setting the depth of cut and blade alignment to the sole using simple and positive hammer taps. I know that many people, mostly engineers and such, might consider tap adjusting archaic and inaccurate, and I understand that, but really it’s far from that. …

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Returning Home


During Joseph’s recent trip to the USA last week he retrieved two planes I was sorely missing in my personal plane family. It is hard to express what you feel when certain tools have been lost, irreparably and permanently damaged, misplaced or displaced because, if they were working tools as a significant part of your worklife, …

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Making My Side Table Series

Intro Final

On woodworkingmasterclasses.com we have been making an occasional or side table by hand. I didn’t realise this table series would be so popular. I designed it many decades ago and have made many a dozen and sold them or given them to my family and friends. This is a foundational course project that I designed …

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Q&A On Youtube–Another Way Forward

Today we videoed a Questions & Answers session in the woodshop. I enjoyed it and it felt so right. These are questions that I would have asked as a boy in apprenticeship but then answered for myself as I grew in my craft. I want everyone to know as much as I know to that …

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Reflections on Starting Out


There have been times in my life when work was there but pay was lower than perhaps it should have been. Fighting my corner was hard work but I did it. The worse scenario is when you start out and there is no work I think. In over 50 years of working with my hands …

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Disappearing Crafts Reappearing


To follow on from one of my more recent posts, I reminded myself of something I wrote elsewhere recently too. “It’s not that towns like Oxford are disappearing but more what made Oxford that’s disappearing.” I don’t altogether lament the opulence of past wealthy-class generations where the rich were venerated nobles known for personal wealth and then for …

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Ooooh! They Do Make Me So Mad!


I have heard these things below all my life for fifty years now and I HAVE MADE MY LiVING from working with my hands. Naysayers. Don’t give them any more room than you have to to be kindly to them. No, I didn’t own two cars, but that’s because my wife didn’t drive and I …

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Just Some Thoughts and Such


I looked down the list of people that keep up with us on Facebook yesterday evening following a post I posted 3 days ago. It had 41,000 look-ins and 1.2k likes. At one time, even say just 2 years ago, most of the views would have been from two continents and mostly two countries. Today, that’s changed markedly. …

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Living and Working in England


Abingdon, the small town where I live, is just 8 miles from the centre of Oxford City. Many of you have asked how I like my move from North Wales to the centre of England––I love it! Of course making new friends takes time and sometimes means accepting even major differences. In the beginning, so …

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Don’t give up!


Or did Winston Churchill not say on October 29, 1941, as the then Prime Minister of Great Britain (as the UK was once known),  “Never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, give up. He was visiting Harrow School to hear the traditional songs he had sung there as a youth, as well as to speak to …

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