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Paul Portrait Feb 2019

Welcome to Paul Sellers!

This site is Paul Sellers’ woodworking blog and acts as a platform for his online voice.

You will find links to the ventures he is involved with, and many blog posts filled with knowledge Paul has gained throughout his lifetime.

Paul considers himself to be a lifestyle woodworker, woodworking is his passion. You can read more about how he started his journey here.

We recommend you start with reading Paul’s disclaimer so you know more about his biases and you will know what to believe.

paul's recent blog posts

Pallet Wood, Trash Wood, Treasure

18 November 2019 |

I looked at this kaleidoscope of colour in wood and felt refreshed by the diversity of tone. Take one or two pieces out of the whole and someone somewhere will…

As Boring Things Go…

15 November 2019 |

…It’s Slow Or is it? Or perhaps I should ask more, was it in its day? Imagine going back to an early 1980s computer compared to a smart phone and…

George Leaves…

11 November 2019 |

…Me in Good Stead It was a sad day for all The day George left the workshop was filled with much well-wishing but it was a sad day and especially…

My Goals

10 November 2019 |

I have probably owned or used just about every type of plane and saw produced, be they the lowest of the low end and the highest of the high end…

I Like These Things

8 November 2019 |

Going South Over the past few months I have been looking at vintage pillar drills (or they could be called drill presses too if you live in the States.) I…

I Think It’s Good

6 November 2019 |

My day unfolds without a plan some days, but I embrace the steps as each one obviates the course I’m taking. Today I cut wood for the dovetail tester box…

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