Paul Sellers is smiling and standing, holding a handsaw.

Welcome to Paul Sellers’ Website!

This site is Paul Sellers’ woodworking blog and acts as a platform for his online voice.

You will find links to the ventures he is involved with, and many blog posts filled with knowledge Paul has gained throughout his lifetime.

Paul considers himself to be a lifestyle woodworker, woodworking is his passion. You can read more about how he started his journey here.

We recommend you start with reading Paul’s disclaimer so you know more about his biases and you will know what to believe.

Paul writes and presents on Woodworking Masterclasses and Common Woodworking. Both these sites are rich with hand tool woodworking information, projects and inspiration. Common Woodworking is geared more towards people getting started in hand tool woodworking. Woodworking Masterclasses has a whole range of content aimed at different levels but going up to much more complex concepts and projects.

He has founded two woodworking schools. The most recent is the New Legacy School of Woodworking. He is currently taking a break from in-person classes in order to focus on online teaching.

Paul has built furniture for many clients, including for the White House. He has also written books on woodworking and he has presented hundreds of videos available on YouTube.

REcent Blog POsts

  • On Ploughing for the Future

    Can a basic plough plane create what you want from your woodworking? A moulding plane, perhaps? A #78 rebate (rabbet) plane, or a side rebate plane? I’ve been using them alongside machines throughout my life but it was only when I saw how easy machining is in not just replacing them but more displacing them …

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  • Medullary rays Brighten My Days

    When I was a boy, men, being what they are, mocked me when I admired grain, shook the planks of oak to break me from my admiration and shook me back to working. But George stepped in and let me be and took up the slack for me. He knew I saw what he saw, …

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  • Legalism Thrives

    Or does it? For many years I have faced it and tried to counter some issues as I came across them if I felt it might be important enough. From laying a plane on its side to workbench work heights, micro-bevels on cutting edges and skewing planes and spokeshaves this way or that as you …

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