This site is Paul Sellers’ woodworking blog and acts as a platform for his online voice. You will find links to the ventures he is involved with, and hopefully, you can learn something from some of the posts. Woodworking is Paul’s passion, and he considers himself to be a lifestyle woodworker. Before you go further, read Paul’s disclaimer so that you know more about his biases and you will know what to believe

Vise Toe-in Out

Quick release and cast-metal woodworking vises are not all created equal. Some are intentionally made low grade, others high. Some are intentionally engineered with something we call toe-in, meaning the top edge of the front vise jaw touches and aligns with the rear vise jaw but the lower area has a 3mm or so gap. […]

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Destressing Your Bandsaw Ways

Many things influence the performance of your bandsaw and the outcome varies according to any one or many of those influences. The outcome is of course reflected in the quality of the cut left as the wood progresses into, along and through the cut. Identifying what causes poor cutting is often problematic because the variables […]

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I Bought Another Bullnose Plane

A new Stanley #90 is a true treasure to own and its design is flawless. In my view the Stanley #90 bullnose plane, the one with depth adjustment, not the 90J, is a world best. I find the sloped nose gives better entry in awkward corners rather than the more blocky, squared off ones. It […]

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Nothing Fancy

I think it was in my mid years when I crossed a line, stopped apologising, determined my course. It was a day when I stepped off the production line, placed my machines second, pulled my hand tools to the fore and wondered how I could live without them, my workbench and my woodworking. I couldn’t. […]

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Plane Speaking

I was 15. My plane arrived with Mr Cheapie, boxed in a Stanley orangey-yellow box with a dark green and white lable. At the bench Cheapie watched me unwrap the wax ed aper from the plane and checked I was happy with it. I paid him my week’s wage, £3.50 for that and a screwdriver […]

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The True Mechanic’s Workbench

Hannah repurposed one of my old workbenches to fit into a shed for motorbike repairs. Probably more work than building from new but the wood was free and the practice good for her. Watching her move through the work with such confidence showed the progress she’s made over the last couple of years. Even in […]

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