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This site is Paul Sellers’ woodworking blog and acts as a platform for his online voice. You will find links to the ventures he is involved with, and hopefully, you can learn something from some of the posts. Woodworking is Paul’s passion, and he considers himself to be a lifestyle woodworker. Before you go further, read Paul’s disclaimer so that you know more about his biases and you will know what to believe

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Sketching Makes Me look More..

…and Then I Understand More It’s true. I allowed myself ten minutes per sketch and then it was pen down. Sketching is my way of looking without spectating. I want to see the twists, flexes and locks that take place to the hand and whereas you can see that with a photo, often photos are […]

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You’ve Inspired Common Woodworking

You’ve inspired delivery of this thing we call Common Woodworking. It starts simply and builds. It will continue to build as online tutorial woodworking and serve  as a reference surrounding beginning woodworking with hand tools. Whereas machines are an alternative to hand tools, the methods used are in no way comparable or even similar at all […]

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George Said, “Stand and Watch!”

It was a few days after I started that George began working on some oak boards that came from Jack the foreman joiner to be “Cleaned up!”. I wasn’t exactly sure what cleaned up was so I asked George how we cleaned them up. George said we had to wash them, “You know, with soap […]

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Behind My Lens I See Differently

I have been using cameras for five decades to date. I adopted digital photography fairly early on too. My first introduction to videography was in my being filmed by others and then it was the things that took a thousand words to explain that led me to use videos because even pictures rarely convey the […]

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No More the Ordinary!

I’m never sure when it started, a point where you could no longer determine what something is by its name. A form of sensationalism was somehow loosed and we lost sincerity to titles declaring ‘not ordinary’ that hid what was, when all said and done, intrinsically quite the ordinary. All the handsaw makers followed suit […]

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George Took the Blame

George laughed as we lifted the massive frame from the bench to flip it over for planing the joint line levels. We’d done this many times with smaller frames, no problems, but this time I felt the contortion in my face expressing the reality that this was different, it was just too heavy for me. […]

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