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This site is Paul Sellers’ woodworking blog and acts as a platform for his online voice.

You will find links to the ventures he is involved with, and many blog posts filled with knowledge Paul has gained throughout his lifetime.

Paul considers himself to be a lifestyle woodworker, woodworking is his passion. You can read more about how he started his journey here.

We recommend you start with reading Paul’s disclaimer so you know more about his biases and you will know what to believe.

paul's recent blog posts

Woodworking Patterns

27 February 2020 |

George sent me to Jack’s bench at the opposite end of the shop. His bench was more isolated from ours because the work he did in laying out needed more…

Resistance to Change

25 February 2020 |

Some things can seem contentious but mostly they are not meant to be so. At least that is here on my blog. Highlighting an issue that’s causing a problem is…

Does Dead flatness Matter

23 February 2020 |

Not really, but it’s just a reference face and we generally need something to shoot for. What is funny is that those advocating this thing called dead flatness are the…

Today Closes the Week

21 February 2020 |

My week was more relaxed in many ways, more than usual. I cleaned up and put up after a hard month since Christmas which I really enjoyed because I love…

Why Suggest Economy Tools?

20 February 2020 |

My recent post about simply changing four studs in a saw prompted an exaggerated comment who totally missed the point: “Paul,Seeing the hoops you had to jump through makes me…

Replacing Screws and Caps…

18 February 2020 |

…things to consider It’s strange, really, when you think about it. Whenever you start any kind of retrofit, replacement of components, and especially something fitting into wood, you suddenly see…