Other Websites

Paul spent a large part of his working life teaching woodworking in classes in the USA and UK. Wanting to reach as many people as he could, taking his classes online meant he could use his decades of experience to teach woodworkers all across the globe. He now does just that on YouTube and via these two sites:

Woodworking Masterclasses

A woodworking tutorial site which releases weekly project episodes for members to build with Paul. The free membership gives you access to tool and technique videos as well as some smaller projects and the paid membership gives you access to our full video library which includes the many projects. Woodworking Masterclasses has a variety of projects which vary in skill that make it accessible for many, but not all. For beginners, we recommend our sister site, Common Woodworking.

Common Woodworking

Feeling like the beginner woodworkers needed more guidance and specific projects, Paul and the team started up this site to focus purely on beginners starting off their woodworking journey, who have a passion but are not sure where to start. The site provides basic woodworking knowledge and techniques to help you build your toolkit as well as building the skills that will help you with future projects. Through tool guides, exercises and easy-to-follow courses, Common Woodworking covers all the basics and aims to get people confident enough to progress onto Woodworking Masterclasses.