Chisel hammer with COP!

For more information on chisel hammers, see our beginner site Common Woodworking.

That’s what in the USA they call a certain spot on a baseball bat and in the UK a cricket bat when you strike the ball and there is no shock travelling down the handle. It’s the sweet spot if you will. Centre of percussion (COP) is identified on tools too, especially tools like hammers.

Today I used a hammer I bought yesterday to see how it worked. It’s a UK made hammer made by Thorex. I decided to try it but found fault with the handle which has a plastic grip over the main hammer shaft. I liked the feel and the weight and the balance of the hammer but the handle felt more rounded than oval and I felt it a little large even for my large hands.

I slit the black plastic grip off the handle and felt the size more suited to me.

But the handle was still not oval enough for me so I spokeshaved itto the shape I wanted and that felt great.

The handle was too smooth for me.

I used a coarse rasp to roughen the surface and create a sort of checkering pattern until it felt right in my hand.

I smoothed off any coarse bits with 150-grit abrasive paper as shown. I also roughened the hammer face a little too.

I applied a coat of coloured shellac to remove the starkness of the white and then I  used the hammer throughout the day.

What a great tool. I think this is a keeper for £17.00.