Beautiful flowers, shelves and castle things

I think it a sad thing

When we miss Spring

And Summer dissolves the petalled spray

In the blistering heat of a hot day



I thought you might like to see these images. They are quite lovely to me. he bluebells are beginning to replace the daffodils


There are delightful areas under the trees were the shelter of the canopy shades the bluebells from the bleaching sun. I made these shelves and liked the way the light from the open Penrhyn Castle workshop doos allow the mass of natural light upon them. The door is 12′ tall and 4′ wide and 3″ thick.



Bluebells are such gracious things

They bow their heads and nod in the breeze

And sway to the left and right

As they face the open seas of Ireland

And the the Northern reaches

Of the oceans far beyond