Foundational Course Part 1-Last day

The day flew by today. I drove to Richard Williams Lumber in Llandudno Junction here in North Wales to pick up more oak for the Foundational Course Part II class that starts Monday next week. I had to be back by 9 to start the last day of the Foundational Course Part I.

We had a really good day today. I’m amazed at just how conversant everyone has become with the tools and they of work. Much more confident. Eric and Jonathan are the father and son team I told you about yesterday, and they are really enjoying this special time together.

John went car boot hunting first thing but found no tools.

Toby pressed into his projects and got close to finishing. He’s local enough to come in and finish. All the others are from London or the midlands so they need to finish during class next week, which they will.

Jesse builds film sets for a living and came to finesse his woodworking skills with hand tools. I think the thing I enjoy the most and always have is the relationships that develop, not just with me, between likeminded enthusiasts who come to the hands-on workshops. I know much is the banter back and forth, but it’s also sharing unique experiences and helping one another with questions or checking the next step. I see the barriers come down and the projects the vehicle through which that happens.

I had a great day, too. I made another dovetail joint we call the hounds tooth dovetail. Pictures should be ready on Monday I think. Also will be following up with another tool restoration project from the tools we got from the car boot sale last week.

Thanks for looking in.