My creative workspace

Just to colour your day and inspire you.

Driving in to work this morning my mind races ahead of my day as it usually does. I think of things created and the effects light plays on shape and colour. This morning the sky’s expanse of bright blue reminds me of how incredible the creative world really is and how much value it has in helping us on our way to work.

John spent the day sharpening chisels for the class this coming weekend and reorganising our creative workspace. I like everything to have a place and it takes a period of working to establish the best location to place different tools and pieces of equipment. A working environment in which you build pieces is very different than a teaching environment simply because of accommodating more than a couple of people. But both creative environments need adjusting anyway and need adjusting throughout the the day because projects starting as small component parts lying on the workbench subsequently build piece by piece into large blocks of space-hogging furniture. Organisation is critical to creating any smooth-operating environment.

On my way to work I see this wonderful flowering tree by the Penrhyn Castle wall, rhododendrons line the road on the last upward slog and for weeks now we’ve seen the wonders of creation in colour and shape.

This evening I will post on the restored tools John is working on. Almost finished the carving gouge one so we will start with that one and show how it’s done.