Walking to work


The texture of woodland growth, the shapes of oak, ash, cherry and sycamore cover the treetops after their naked wintertime. How to explain springtime’s vibrant increase, no man can. Flowers add loveliness to the green leaf of grassland pasture and tree but the green brings ease to the eyes as I walk beneath the canopy of Penrhyn Castle woodlands on my walk to the New Legacy Workshops.

The new greens will change over the next growth period as will the girth of each  and every tree. For even small trees the increase will add an inch of diameter at least. The weight of the leaf on the tree will cause the branches to bend by inches for months. When the leaves fall in Autumn. the branches will rise again.

Here we have Hawthorn (above)





Beneath the outspread branching Beech

Whose massive limbs beyond my reaching arm

Seem set to filter out the extreme bright day’s light.