The first plane from eBay

My first step in restoring this plane began as with all planes with the critical edge. The edge on this Record plane iron has the wrong bevel and so it lines up with the sole of the plane and this renders it incapable of removing any type of shaving because the whole bevel rides the wood. These issues I address in any class that I have here at the woodworking school and students quickly undersand from concrete examples like this.



See how the incorrect secondary bevel of 45 degrees lines up with the sole and prevents it from cutting.





Actually, there are two bevels, as you can see. This bevel was also out of square in relation to the cap iron (chip breaker US) so this is the time to correct that too.



I use the square to check the iron for square. The cap iron cannot function properly with the iron so far out of square.





Now this is the first and last time this bevel will ever be ground on a mechanical grinder. As long as I own it it will never be ground again. I am grinding at 25-degrees before refining the bevel with chamfered corners and a few refinements that ensure a super solid  and strong bevel that from now on can be restored in seconds to a surgically sharp edge.




I grind the bevel on a mechanical grinder for the first and last time.





I installed the cutting iron and set the depth of cut. It cut perfectly with no further work. Tomorrow I will restore the remainder of the plane. If there are further faults I will tell you tomorrow.



My new plane caused these….






…and created this inlaid surface, the walls of the box and the rounded over lid and bottom. No screaming routers!