Ads in mags

I have given some thought to ads in mags.

Think of magazines as a central hub around which a community of woodworking enthusiasts thrives alongside those who engineer their perceived needs. Of course, alongside legitimate spheres will be a sort of parasitic community of little substance wanting a piece of the pie, but these are spring-loaded center punch reps and superglue sales personel. Not of interest here.

Now we woodworkers need products to enhance our work and to work with. there’s a certain symbiosis in the sphere of demand and supply around which we cannot seem to get nor can we climb over it. Commerce is the interface between the two spheres and these two spheres rely heavily on sourcing: One is the need for materials, tools and equipment, the other is the need for people to buy them. So magazines I think do provide a valuable resource but I am not totally unbiased, I advertise quite regularly.