English B&Bs are Tops!

I have to say that there is something about an English B&B you won’t find in other countries. Now I cannot say what it is exactly, but it is in the details.

This the Wynstay B&B in Harrogate. It’s a homey and pleasant home from home.




Here in my B&B I am sitting watching meals arrive pristinely served by a husband or wife owner at exactly the right minute. I’m sitting on a chair that was made a hundred and twenty years ago and was carved by hand to perfection.



The hammer strikes and the Big Ben gong of the clock and softly reminds me I must leave in ten minutes and Tracy the owner pops in from the kitchen and says “I heard you had a very busy day yesterday. Well done!”



What a great start to the day! Nice people, misty outside, a little drizzle of rain and I walk smiling from my car into the arena of the North of England Woodworking Show once more to share my knowledge with everyone I can.