Leaving for work

Walking past the woodlands and fields this morning is pleasant beneath a mottled sky of blues and fluffy clouds. The leaves are about turned with bright yellows, russets and reds and once again the tide is in so the curlews are feeding in the fields with the cows and sheep.

The turret above is adjacent to my workshop in Penrhyn Castle

In an hour the students will arrive for a Discovering Woodworking workshop. One of my favourites and the first workshop I ever taught for the TExas Arts and Crafts Council back in 1989. John and I had a great day yesterday working on different things. My Hope chest parts for the frame and superstructure are all together and the oak is lovely.

Sweep up takes place several times in a day to stay on top of the long strands of oak I generate from hand planing. We have filled a full 55 gallon bin  with them in two days.