Today went too quickly

Some pine chests at a car-boot sale…


…some people cheated even back then – nails in each tail..


… or no tails at all here.








Well, some of you love pine as much as I do I see. I think it’s a lovely wood for tool chests. I have bought many an old chest through the years just because I couldn’t see them go to junk dealers. It’s hard to keep chests of tool together. The other day someone found several planes and tools in a dumpster. Very saleable ones worth around £300.

John bought a Record £4 for £3.50 recently. It came out really nice. He’s busy these days wrapping his tools in bubble wrap ready to take back to Patagonia. His lovely tool box is ready to go and it will keep his tools as mine has for decades.

John and I have shared some real time working wood together in many creative ways. Today was little more mundane in that we have made some racks to keep my oak for the next half a dozen projects. This oak will be pretty much from three or four trees and so the cuts are sequential , which gives me book-matched material as well as consistency in colour and configuration. I have two racks that work for me for storing my wood. I will add pictures tomorrow when we are done.

I hope that you are working wood today.


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