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Plane weigh-in

We have discussed weighty planes of late and I thought weights  might be interesting. Cast metal smoothing planes fall into two main types commonly used for almost 150 years – the #4 and the #4 1/2.


Bailey and Bed Rock Pattern #4 planes

Stanley #4

This plane weighs 1.42 kilos

Cutting iron thickness 2.21mm








Stanley #4
This plane weighs 1.37 kilos

 Cutting iron thickness 2.25mm
Record #4

This plane weighs 1.49 kilos

 Cutting iron thickness 2.06mm
Sorby #4

This plane weighs 1.42 kilos

 Cutting iron thickness not recorded.
Woden #4

This plane weighs 1.51 kilos

 Cutting iron thickness 2.o6mm
Juuma Bed Rock #4 

This plane weighs 1.98 kilos

 Cutting iron thickness 2.69mm
Clifton Bed Rock #4
This plane weighs  1.73 kilos
Cutting iron thickness 3mm
The #41/2 Bailey pattern planes 
Stanley #4 1/2
This plane weighs  1.87 kilos
Cutting iron thickness 2.14mm
Record Stay Set #4 1/2
This plane weighs 2.02 kilos
Cutting iron thickness 2.04mm
Woden #4 1/2

This plane weighs 2.00 kilos

Cutting iron thickness 1.84mm
Record #4 1/2

This plane weighs 1.82 kilos

Cutting iron thickness 2.00mm

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