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USA visit next week

I’m looking forward to my return to New York and also the woodworking shows in New Jersey and Virginia. We have some workshop training for the first couple of days and then we will shoot down to Springfield, NJ for the Masterclasses I will be teaching with The Woodworking Shows, which I really do enjoy. This kind of craft training unlocks many of the intimidating aspects of working wood by hand and demystifies forgotten aspects lost in previous generations for people to rediscover today.

I have a new agenda for the presentation that will build from one Masterclass to the next and on to the next in the same day. In the past I have tended to repeat the same demo because I thought that the crowds would be different, but I found that half of the attendees kept returning for more. This is an ideal opportunity for me to share about woodworking in all of its many dimensions.

One thing I like about demonstrating at the shows is it gives me the opportunity to help woodworkers expand their horizons and investigate the possibilities of entering the wonderful world of working wood by hand. People love the idea of traditional woodworking even though they may not altogether understand or even consider that many of the methods are much faster than machine methods and so freeing in many ways.

I leave on Monday morning for the USA and the following weekend we have the shows. In between the shows we will have more training as we conclude our tool boxes all being well and then I return to the UK.

If you will be at either of The Woodworking Shows in the next two weeks, please stop by the Masterclass stands and visit for a while. I love to hear from other woodworkers when I am away.


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