Getting Ready for Tomorrow’s Two -day Discovering Woodworking Class

DSC_0468 Easing through the day in readiness for tomorrow a few great things happened. Yesterday a company called Legacy Logistics in Philadelphia received my call to see of they could get my hand tools from their storage to the woodworking school so I could use them tomorrow for a class. They said immediately that they could do it. At 9.45 am this morning they said that they were almost there and wanted to make sure we were able to receive the pallet. DSC_0407 These were the tools that I traveled with over the three months of the Woodworking Shows. It felt really good to know that FedEx was also in the driver’s seat as they pulled up to the front porch.

I managed a few moments in Nick’s workshop through the day and it was then that I noticed an old timberframed building that will make a new structure at the Maplewood Center. DSC_0423 The old hand hewn beams were lay right next to new sections that Nick had prepped for a garage building to be built nearby. I thought it was neat to see the old against the new and see the same joints being used.

DSC_0450 In the workshop I really liked the fact that there is a domestic US engineer tool maker making hand made woodworking tools for woodworkers and that they make inshaves and draw knives and some of the finest timber framing chisels I have seen. We should support these guys at Barr Specialty Tools in their endeavor so here is a link I think is worth holding onto.

DSC_0431 These guys are really wrestling through their mortises with Barr’s chisels. They sharpen really well to a keen edge and have great edge retention so they are tough to boot. DSC_0433 The class was really going well throughout the day and I was glad to see their progress. Soon they will be undertaking projects of their own and I know one granddad there that plans on building a timberframed play house for his grandkids.