Two Classes Left This Year

On Friday the doors open to the second to the last class of the year. It will be the first day of Autumn and it seems to have started right on cue. Tomorrow I will arrange the benches and the tools and all the wood is cut and ready. The students are coming from Sweden, Denmark, here in the UK of course and then Belgium and Switzerland. It will be an amazing time of dedicated beginning in woodworking.

The first time I ever taught this workshop in the USA was back in 1989, so almost 30 years ago now. Beginning to live and work in the USA was life changing for me and because of the what America means and stands for I look back on the whole and say thank you America, you made my work possible. Since then I have taught thousands of students and of course we now reach hundreds of thousands following techniques based on my foundational work that began in the US.

My living back here in the UK does not mean I ever lost interest in the US or my love for it, just that my work has been ever broadening in scope. The demographics for our audience is mind blowing and our guys here have been coming up with some stunning statistics to help us steer our course. Some of this has meant restructuring and refocussing so we will be appraising you of some new happenings shortly.


4 comments on “Two Classes Left This Year

  1. Dear Paul,
    You referring to the US and Texas makes me wonder why you decided to move to Texas and then why did you return to England? A big change for sure, especially from England to Texas! It peaks my curiosity, but if it’s personal you don’t need to tell about it. The subject just fascinates me as it probably does others also.
    Thanks for all that you do,

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