Costing your work

How do I price _____ for sale?

Pricing depends on a lot of factors. However, beyond materials, time, etc. it depends a great deal on where and how you are selling your work.

When you are starting out you may not be able to get a good hourly rate for your work. An experienced artisan may be able to make the same coffee table in oak in a fraction of the time it will take a beginner but with the same or superior quality. As a beginner you will need to take this into account and you may need to price according to how long it should take you rather than how long it actually does take.

Eventually you may be able to charge for your experience but you certainly cannot charge extra for inexperience where something takes longer to make than it should.

There is no specific pricing we can give you as it will take you time and experience to fine tune your pricing to your specific market.