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Which projects should I start with?

As far as getting started with projects is concerned, I would suggest tackling them in the following order. The getting started projects are all viewable on YouTube or on Woodworking Masterclasses with a free membership, apart from How to Make a Table which requires a paid membership or buying the project individually:

Getting Started

How to make the three woodworking joints

Carrying Tote

Woodworking Christmas Gifts & Projects for Cutting Board & Spatula



Building a Workbench (This could be made earlier or later depending on circumstances)

Dovetail boxes & dovetail caddy

Making a spoon with a gouge and spokeshave


Foot Stool

How to Make a Table

Intermediate Projects

These projects build on the techniques learnt in the previous videos with some more exacting details. These are mostly only available with a premium Woodworking Masterclasses subscription.

Tool Chest

Walking Canes

Assembly Table

Corner Cupboard

Wooden Plane Project

Bench Stool


Cutting Board

Sofa Table

Shaker-Style Bench Seat

Picture Frame

Coffee Table

Making Wooden Stars

Shaker Stool


Occasional Table

Joiner’s Toolbox

Dining Chair


Trestle Dining Table

Advanced Projects

These projects feature additional complexities, techniques or levels of accuracy that require some experience as gained by working through some of the previous projects. These are mostly only available with a premium Woodworking Masterclasses subscription.

Picture Frames

Tool Cabinet

Wall Brackets

Carved Mirror Frame


Chess board

Rocking Chair

Chest of Drawers

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