1. Larry Jacobsen says:

    Paul, I saw a small tool chest from you in Pinrest (two drawers on top and open storage on the bottom). Are their plans available for it or smilar tool chest, maybe a bit larger? thanks

    • The plans are not available and I do have two sizes I make this toolbox to. I use both sizes in my shop and have used them for decades now. i designed them 30 years ago now and find I can store all of my daily-use tools in the two sizes.

  2. Richard Gane says:

    I’m a newbie to your blogs and you tube videos and I’m completely converted to the Renaissance of hand working skills.

  3. Mario J. Fusaro says:

    Have you made a video showing how you sharpen card scrapers? If not, could you please make one? I’ve changed my chisel & iron sharpening to your method and it’s easier, producing a much better edge. I’ll bet you have a better way to do card scrapers.

  4. Mike says:

    I was wondering what thickness of stock do you start with when making your Quadrant scraper and your wooden spoons as noted in your artisan book?

  5. Manuel Caballero says:

    When making a dovetail joint, which one do you cut, first the tails or the pins. Also, on a drawer, the pins do go on the front and back? When watching most woodworks demostrating the process they just jump into making the cuts without explaning where the tails and pins go on the box.

  6. Stephen Atkins says:

    Paul, why do you opt for a laminated workbench top as opposed to a plank top as shown on many examples of “traditional English” work benches a/k/a Nicholson Workbench?

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