Essential Woodworking Hand Tools

A Comprehensive Guide to Basic Woodworking Hand Tools

Essential Woodworking Hand Tools

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Essential Woodworking Hand Tools is Paul Sellers’ latest book. It is a manual for selecting, sharpening and using a selection of hand tools that are vitally important to hand tool woodworking.

With this book, Paul wants to pass on his knowledge of woodworking tools. He also wants to pass on his enjoyment of them too. Hand tool woodworking might seem to be an old fashioned way of making, it is true that this craft is steeped in legacy, but it is about much more than that. Hand tool woodworking provides a direct connection to wood as a raw resource for creating. It allows you to create, in a small amount of space, lasting items of use and beauty. None of this is possible, however, without the tools themselves. This book is intended as an important link that will help you to make good choices in purchasing tools. It also covers sharpening and beginning to use the tools that you need to build things from wood.

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Sharpening & Sharpening Equipment
Sharpening Stones
The Sharpening Strop
Sharpening Files
The Sawset
The Burnisher

Layout Tools
The Square
The Tape Measure
The Layout Knife
The Marking Gauge
The Sliding Bevel

Chisels & Gouges

Bench Planes
The Spokeshave
The Plough Plane
The Router Plane

Saw Sharpening
The Handsaw
The Coping Saw

Scraping & Abrading Tools
Rasps & Files
Boring & Drilling Tools
The Brace & Bits
The Hand Drill
The Square Awl

The Nylon-headed Hammer/Chisel Hammer
The Steel Hammer
The Mallet

Notes on Tool Care