Working Wood 1 & 2


In Spring 2021 Paul Sellers announced on his blog that he had done a deal with the original publisher of Working Wood 1 & 2 which means that Paul now controls all the rights to this book. He plans to publish a revised edition. All copies of this first edition are now sold and the book will remain unavailable until the revised edition is available. If you would like to hear when the revised edition is available please enter your details in the form at the end of this page.

About Working Wood 1 & 2

This book is Paul Sellers’ first published book. Its full title is Working Wood 1 & 2: The Artisan Course With Paul Sellers It contains his well-known foundational course in hand tool woodworking. It was published in 2011 and around 20,000 copies were sold.

This book outlines some background details about wood and woodcraft and then it gives an overview of important woodworking hand tools. It has a section on shaping wood with the basic steps needed to build a few small shaped projects.

Core to Paul’s foundation course is his saying “with three joints and ten hand tools you can make just about anything that has ever been made from wood”. The book details those three joints. They are, the dovetail, mortise and tenon, and housing dado. Then the book develops and shows how you can apply each of those joints in a Shaker-style box, chairside table, and small wall shelf.

The book also gives a brief outline of building a small workbench.

Finally, Paul shows how to sharpen each of the main categories of tools because without sharp tools building fine furniture is virtually impossible.

Working Wood 1 & 2 Contents

  1. New genre woodworking
  2. Hand tool woodcraft
  3. Wood and its properties
  4. Tools and equipment
  5. Introduction to Shaping
  6. Joinery
  7. Making the Shaker box
  8. Making a four-shelf
  9. Making a chairside table
  10. Making your traditional European workbench
  11. Sharpening hand tools
  12. Sharpening Edge Tools
  13. Sharpening gouges
  14. Adjusting your bench plane and spokeshave
  15. Sharpening handsaws
  16. Sharpening scrapers
  17. Sharpening auger Bits
  18. Conclusion

Book Details

This book is 320 pages and has a soft cover. The title contains ‘1 & 2’ but this book is a single volume.

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