Paul Sellers’ disclaimer

With the aim of delivering sound teaching to a broad range of people pursuing woodworking Paul Sellers writes and presents via as many channels as he can. Sometimes readers and viewers mistakenly think that Paul must be receiving money for products he recommends.

That is why we have created this page; to make clear who Paul works for and why.

Paul is the founder and owner of New Legacy School of Woodworking. He is a director and shareholder of his company, Paul Sellers & Company Ltd. Paul also works in association with Rokesmith Ltd which trades as Woodworking Masterclasses. Paul writes, teaches and presents for these businesses and this is how he earns a living. This includes income from advertising on YouTube. However, this does not involve Paul being sponsored by the advertisers to recommend or comment on anything in particular.

Paul has many friends in woodworking and business. However, beyond those mentioned above, he has no obligations or interests either contractual or implied which would make him recommend or endorse any tool or service over another.

Paul is paid a small royalty on products that he has presented or written.

Page updated: February 2017