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How do I get started in woodworking?

It’s not so easy a question to answer these days because those who did at one time teach woodworking were once craftsmen who changed occupation to enter the teaching realm with their craft skills as working men. That changed when instead of teaching aspects of life to equip young people to engage in adulthood they…

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How to get started in woodworking Part II

Hi Paul, I really enjoy watching your Youtube series, its amazing to watch a true master of his craft at work. Im amazed at the possibilities of woodwork, from making everyday items to building complete workshops. It looks really daunting but I would love to learn the basics and build on from there, hopefully fulfilling…

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Workbench and Vise—Two Core Essentials to Real Woodworking

I’ve written different blogs that lead to the point where action becomes essential to actually precipitate the starting of the work proper; this for me is  the essence of real woodworking. With that centred in our thoughts, we begin to see how the workbench, vise and hand tools predicate real woodworking. Beyond, or, I might all the more…

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