I think of my workspace as a creative place in which I spend a great deal of if not all of my time. It’s not comfort I in any way crave so much as a place to create, which to my mind is seldom comfortable. Design and developing designs from two-dimensional images to three-dimensional reality makes many demands on me. Creating a sphere within which I live and work is more an essential task I undertake to build an area I feel comfortable to create in that works as a strategical workspace rather than a place of relaxed comfort associated with comfortable living. A sphere inspired and inspiring from which we reach others is critical to my way of thinking.


The computer and micro-chip, keyboard and flat screen have no place in the working of the wood I love. I leave those outside of my working sphere. New woodworkers have no such problems I suppose. Here’s a desk I designed for a laptop. I create pods for other people for other tasks and for other creative tasks and the environs people work in. They are inspired pieces that will hopefully inspire other crafters and artisans.

My mesquite laptop desk

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