Two days to Ally Pally

I’m looking forward to the Alexandra Palace Get Woodworking Live Show even though I have

Seat shaping with shaves from Tony Murland

been to too many woodworking shows to count. I usually find something new to pique my interest and raise my bemusement levels, but generally what’s usually offered as new is a change in the color of the plastic handles and the addition of a more ergonomic rubberized grip, but that’s Irwin and Stanley and those types.

As I said, cut through to the core essentials and you’ll discover many hidden gems and I recommend you spend some time ferreting through Tony Murland’s booth at Antique Tools. Tony goes back eons and has been a dealer nearly as long as I’ve been woodworking. I buy my older stuff from Tony who knows his onions and charges the right price for guaranteed quality tools. I will be demonstrating in the Masterclasses with some tools I have bought from him including scorps and drawknives, tongue and groove planes, froes and more.

An old ex-army draw knife

For those who like the idea of a new Veritas plane (superb planes and tools) stop by Classic Hand Tools and talk to Mike Hancock and his staff. Again, a long history in classic hand tools and other no-nonsense woodworking stuff without charging funny money. Mike also has good connections within the woodworking world and has his own European Woodworking Show in October so look Mike up as soon as you get there and don’t forget to stop by the New legacy School of Woodworking at B12. When I’m not teaching on the Masterclasses I’ll be teaching in the booth.