Anglesey, Isle of open spaces

I know, it is not woodworking, but I took a break from the woodworking school this evening and went over to the other side of the island to see what was flying around on the wild side. I parked up for a minute to rest and realized that this week the swallows had just come in from Africa. Soon they will build their mud-n-straw nests and raise a new brood that will fly back to Africa for the winter.


There are a lot of arrivals right now and then there are the stay-at-homes. The larks rise far above the fields and the beaches and I stop to listen as I did as a boy when I first became conscious of wild bird life. Fieldfares I see too, and they too rise up on the incoming sea breezes just like the helicopters do and when they have gained sufficient height they peel off on the course they need to go on.



This old cottage stands on the beach road. A lot of ‘outsiders’ come in to buy up the properties because they want a place by the sea to get away to. I am so thankful to live here. Soon we will have the Royals as neighbours. They are causing international stirring right now, but when the royal wedding is done, things will settle again and the island will be at peace once more.


I took these photographs at Valley on Anglesey last year. On one side you have the, military airfields and the RAF Air-Sea Rescue base that Prince William works from, and on the other is the open sea to Ireland.







It’s quite stunning landscape. I thought you might like a few pictures of the place. It’s remarkably beautiful to walk along the beach, sail or go fish. Almost as good as working wood at Penrhyn Castle!

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