Make your own 5061 gauge #2

Ok.Now that you have altered the pin direction you should reshape the stock of the gauge, an irreversible step.


The shape is not really so much symmetrical as simply rounding. The shape is optional but here are my steps, I used a 1″ chisel and a coping saw for initial shape cutting followed by rasp and file shaping to finish. Look at the original 5061 above and you will see that two adjacent corners are square with a round quadrant easing the corner and from these faces the sort of triangular shape comes.

Step 1:

Draw the shape on the stock using a pencil.















Step 2:

Use the 1″ chisel to chisel down to the line with the bevel of the chisel uppermost. It’s best to use a mallet to drive the chisel. You may also want to use the coping saw too.






Step 3:

Refine the shape with the rasp and follow with the flat file.















Step 4:

Sand as required and apply two coats of shellac.


The finished gauge will now look like this.