Wonderful sunny day

Bright new sunshiny day all day. Walking past the apple orchard on my way to town I saw raptors carrying off a rodent and though too far to photograph the vivid action is registered indelibly in my mind. It’s been good to connect with the land again these past few days. Travelling has slowed down and I can formulate the plans I have for my future work here. There have been many highlights to my trip, but I should never forget my work in helping to restore home businesses in cottage industries around the US and the UK.

I have made my income from working with my own hands most of my working life. You CAN make a living from working with wood if you work to a plan, develop a marketing strategy and trust that there is a way that goes beyond economics and social standing. I recall my plan to restore this type of work ethic some years ago in the lives of others and it has worked. I know furniture makers who are making creative furniture working with their hands as a result of my training them over an extended period  with me. That has been my reward since 1987. Imagine dozens upon dozens of woodworkers all now working with their hands. I am so happy and contented this has been a part of my life and I have no regrets. Guess what’s even more exciting? It’s not over. My work continues in the lives of others with the same heart. These are people who don’t merely make a living from their work, but have chosen to go against the flow. They too have found a contentment to work at their skills. So my success is evident.

I know, the pictures have nothing to do with anything. I just wanted you to see New York in Autumn. Isn;t she lovely. Ever seen those T-shirts that say “I ‘heart’ NY. Well, it’s the beauty of its countryside not merely the city. I so love this place, pass it on.

PS ‘Nother blog on veritas welling up inside me for later.