A brief summary

As we come to the close of the year 2011 there is a sense of new beginnings beyond its close. I can look to the past for wisdom and guidance, but anticipation always reaches in expectation for future development. Closing one year filled with life, knowledge, memories, achievements and developments somehow pales in the face an unknown future, yet we look as always ahead.

This past year we have continued building on two decades spent reviving real and substantive skills we almost lost in woodworking and achieved a return to the simplicity in work and working wood that I think has real value and depth. Your mega response to the work of New Legacy on every front has been inspiring to me and my fellow woodworkers and so too the Real Woodworking Campaign. Please continue signing in for the RWC. It will have real value for woodworkers on a global basis as we develop our plans to form chapters and guilds for training woodworkers following a different paradigm. Small beginnings should never be despised and I hope for a future generation preserved in the practice of real work with real wood and real cottage workshops everywhere.

I will be back in New York for several weeks both with the Woodworking Shows and New Legacy USA in January and February and look forward to meeting as many of you as I can. I hope to continue the Real Woodworking Campaign minute by minute throughout my time there with friends. Please look me up if you are at the shows and keep your questions coming in if you need help in working wood.

The Woodworker magazine I write regularly for is carrying a current  article and I just sent in the final draft I wrote on Emerging Artisans for the February issue out in early January 2012. I think t will be interesting to read of the lives of two young craftsmen I see emerging marvellously as masters in their craft

I will continue posting through the Holiday season and on into New York