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Finish on my Hope Chest and two more chests on the way

My Hope Chest is nearing the last dedicated input on finishing and I only have a stay to find to finish the whole of it. I have decided on a final design of oak knobs with a centre button of ebony, but I will turn those in the next day or so and let you see them in situ.I like the colour i ended up with as a full bodied unbleached shellac, which gives that lovely golden oak colour.


My other chests are coming along too. I have the top and bottom frames jointed and framed and all I need for those is to make the raised panel for the top one and the flat panel for the bottom underside one. After that I have the four drawers to make. Lots of drawer making and frame and panel construction in the next book.


My methods for M&T beat any on the block for a guaranteed non-twist door and other frame types. And….I will be using a method for guaranteed dovetails too… where all the dovetails are so accurate they can be used interchangeably within the four drawers and all of this in minutes, faster than any router and without electricity too. Don’t know if anyone has done this before but  this will help you create fine dovetails of every kind every time.

This is all in my next book due out in Summer 2012, all being well.


  1. Johnathon Suker on 10 August 2016 at 4:46 am


    Do you plan on doing a video of this hope chest? Is there a plan available for it somewhere? This looks like the perfect hope chest for my daughter.



    • Paul Sellers on 10 August 2016 at 8:29 am

      No, sorry, it sold straight off I’m afraid and we didn’t film it either.

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