Class starts today

Gift Certificates

The last Foundational Course of the year starts today and the next course, which is in January is highly promising because people are buying gift certificates. If you have someone you want to buy this type of gift for please call us or email us. We have gift certificates for every occasion and you can order them for the New Legacy office number which 01248 354 685 (Int calls: 011 44 1248 354685)

New racks and shelves

The reorganisation in the shop went well yesterday and today 9 new students arrive for the Foundational Course Part I. Some will stay on for Part II and some will be coming back for the Part II.

Distance Learning for our Alumni

It’s been inspiring to see the progress of the UK students and I hope that soon students will be able to enter the online distance learning program for the Alumni both in the USA and the UK and this includes all the students that I have taught anywhere since 1995, so if you or people you know qualify please make sure that you contact us to sign. This is an interesting and exciting move forward for Joseph and I both here in the UK and in the USA and with the team alongside us there in the USA we can expand in a wide range of offerings.



The Importance of a Good Foundation

The Foundational Course is so pivotal for all woodworkers because it simply demolishes the myths and mysteries that confuse people about the real value hand work has to developing true skill. Today, in the first hour, woodworkers will enhance their skills and those brand new to the craft will become real woodworkers. I will try to keep you posted throughout the next few days about their struggles and their victories. We will smile, grimace and smile some more as we progress through the course. There will be times of, “Oh, no! I can’t believe I did that!” and there will be times of, “Wow, I did that!” Both are critical to progress and fulfilment.

Working Wood through a tested Curriculum

Working Wood 1&2 – the Artisan Course with Paul Sellers is an ideal course for those who cannot attend my workshops so please consider this as another option for starting woodworking as a personal training course in woodcraft.