Scottish panel plane

Of all the planes I ever used I think that none compares with this, my Scottish friend who lies in rest on my bench until I lift it to the board and shave the surface of my wood dead flat and straight. Some times, often, I lose myself in the grace of working the plane hard as the ribboned shavings wide and full gather in waves and bands about my hands and then beneath my feet until I sweep them to the side and start again.

Not many, if any, know anything of how I feel in working my plane upon the work as I sweat my wellbeing into the wood and see the glistening surface revealed with every stroke. Men write of such things in philosophical prose but never know what this man knows who peels away the layers ’till the rays reflect the light and dance upon the surface brightly shown.


5 comments on “Scottish panel plane

  1. I was rather hoping from one of your previous posts about the perfect sufficiency of well-tuned Stanley and Record planes that you actually use them *for everything* as that post seemed to suggest to me and don’t have a such a Scottish infill as being touted in this post waiting in the wings to accomplish what they cannot.

    Perhaps I didn’t read the previous post about Stanleys and Records with a sufficient level of care.

    • Poetic licence. I am likely the only one going against the thick iron, heavy gauge specialist planes that has used Record and Stanley planes of the cheaper versions for 47 years every day and still tout them as do-all planes. If I write something of a wonderful plane that I own I am criticised for it, but alas, such is life. I like many other planes too, should I stop and not post on them. They were wonderful but limited in function and by weight.

      The other plane in the blog is still a plane jane thin ironed #4 that’s no different than the Stanley and the Record, I used that too. It’s a Woden.

      Who else does more in present simple realities to the woodworking world and comes against the giants to make certain people feel that they CAN pick up a Stanley and make it do everything these other planes do.

      Perhaps you did misread that post and this one too. It’s a poem, a prose about planes, that’s all.

  2. Lovely sentiments about the art of woodworking. It truly is a tactile and evolving material thankyou for sharing your passion and insight

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