A woodworker I served my apprenticeship with sat down for his lunch with the other men. They talked over their lunch as they sat on wooden stools around the bandsaw. I listened and watched and the woodworker took a knife from his pocket, a bobbin of cotton string and a needle from a tobacco tin and then took off one of his shoes. He traced the point of the knife around the front sole of his show onto the corner of his apron and cut the shape from the corner. By the end of the conversation he had resoled his show. No one said anything. Those days are gone. No one wears leather aprons nor leather soled shoes. Most people don’t sew leather and wear Nike shoes. I liked it when men did things like that.

One comment on “Craftsmanship

  1. Everyone throws everything away and then buys it all again and on and on, people don’t know how to repair stuff, too busy earning the money to pay for it and missing the simple honest things in life. I used to watch my Father putting leather soles and heels on all the family shoes, we even had a snobbing foot?
    RegardsMichael redmond

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