Thank you everyone in the USA

This morning I leave the US for England and then drive on to my home in North Wales. This has been a very special trip and though it was hard work, that sense of new beginnings soon became solidly evident. I am confident from your support that the New Legacy School of Woodworking will be ready ahead of time and that the opening classes will indeed be full to overflowing.

This is where I live in North Wales



I left my homeland of North Wales on the 1st of January for my New York destination. I didn’t want the grass to grow under my feet and so I spent much of my stay here with snow under my feet instead. This adventure has unfolded in a wide range of ways and when I return to the UK I will be getting with my family to celebrate the New Year proper by simply being with them.

Schuylerville Main street, New York

The scenes shown are of my stay here in Schuylerville in New York, which was my home from home and my friends here made the stay very special. The time passed quickly and some of you will know that it is only the beginning. I believe the increase will occur rapidly because the foundation undergirding this work has been so very thorough.

The view from behind my apartment in Schuylerville

I also want to thank many business associates who are supporting the endeavours such as the New Legacy Schools vision for hand work, the Real Woodworking Campaign for international conservation of craft skills and much more. It looks as though we will be progressing my new book between US/UK trips over the next few month and I look forward to that. I would like to have three more books out this year if possible and these are already written and need formatting for books and photography.

The first New York Class is filling quickly as we expected. Those who have already preregistered will hear from us shortly. For those who still want to book an early Spring workshop with me, we are looking at overspill dates so as not to disappoint you, so please preregister now if you are thinking of attending and we will let you know that dates asap.



Thank you everyone at The Woodworking Shows, Veritas Tools, New Legacy New York, New Legacy UK, Artisan Media and all those individuals and friends who have supported me over the past three weeks.


I will be back in the US in three weeks for the Somerset, New Jersey show and then the Fredericksburg, Virginia show the weekend after. These are top-notch shows so if I haven’t met you please come by the booth for a talk or demonstration.

Hope to see you all soon!