Just a reminder to sign up for a workshop as early as possible. The February workshop here in the UK is now filling and so too March and classes further along the calendar. That’s the same for the US New Legacy too. In times past the workshops didn’t fill quite so quickly so there was usually a space but that’s not the case as we keep our workshops small to make certain you get maximised attention. Last week’s workshop was as wonderful as ever if not better. Here are some of the comments from that class:

Hello Paul,

 First up thank you very much for the course last week. I had a really enjoyable time and I will be writing something up for blog/Facebook/newsletter. It has helped further my understanding of tools; for starters the course has given me the confidence to attempt further projects.

The box has had two coats of ‘French Polish’ and has been sanded down. Once finished it will take pride of place by my desk in the shop; much to my wife’s disappointment as she was hoping I would bring it home. Inspired by the new skills, I think a small loose lidded box is next on the woodworking agenda. 

Thanks again,


Hi Paul:

Thanks for last week’s course ; it was interesting both in content and the other participants. Many Thanks Paul.

 What I now need are the dates for the other 2 parts of the course, what dates are available?

 P A

Hi Paul,

 I am still thinking about the really wonderful 3 days I had at the woodworking course. I look at my box every day!! After a bit of searching I finally sourced the shellac and have been applying it.

The book is great by the way and a wonderful way of revisiting what we did.Thank you for your patience and quiet teaching methods. You will need them both again as I am about to sign up for the next course!! 


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