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The post lady (mail lady? US) brought an armful of heavy packages today that gave me a good start to my workday. Mostly this comprised Stanley 4s and 4 1/2s but then there was an unused Stanley #50 and a remarkable Sandusky plow (plough UK) that I wanted to take to the USA school for using there. I likely paid too much at £69 ($120 with shipping), but I really like these tools and it will feature in my next Woodworking Tools and Development book, which has aspects showing historical perspectives and why changes were so hard to make or accept.

The Sandusky plow has many differences to the British models though they are basically the same functionally. UK ones are much stockier, sort of bulldog like whereas the Sandusky is lighter in weight and perhaps greyhound or whippet like.





The plow feels good to the hand and I liked some very specific features such as the offset hand shape to the handle whereby the heel of the hand on the right conforms to the heel of the hand. This makes the plow a specific right hand user plane so I wondered if they made a left-hander as well or let the left-handed users fend for themselves.






The detailing on this plane is less ornate than the British models of a similar handled type, corbelling to the stems less defined and smaller, narrower nuts for locking the body to the fence system below. None of this seems to affect functionality at all and I can’t wait to clean up the surfaces, sharpen the cutting irons and get the plane back into full working order.

This plane is a rarer find on the UK front and this one is replete with a full set of original cutting irons comprising 3/16”,1/4” 5/16”, 3/8”. 7/16”, 1/2” and 5/8”, all with the Sandusky Tool Company stamp and warranted.








The toe end of the plane is stamped with the Sandusky Tool Co Ohio curved banner as can be seen in the top picture. Aspects have some boxed wear areas like along the fence and around the depth stop. Longevity was built into the plane and though dirty for use and collected dust the plane is in complete and functional condition and I am glad for that.


I’ll put it through it’s paces next week before my class and see how I feel it compares to its UK cousins. Let you know what happens with a video and a blog.

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