Workbenches in store

One of my sons, Aber, had a 7-hour interview assessment for Rolls Royce in Derby and so I spent some time in the Westfield centre in Derby. It’s a pretty useless place all around; couldn’t buy a tap washer or match in the whole place hardly.







Anyway, trying to make the best of a bad situation and think positive, I was looking in the most useless shop window in the hwole place and saw a workbench of all things. Things were looking up. Out of three hundred and fifty stores, thirty eating places and a dozen coffee houses all serving environmentally friendly coffee at unfriendly prices I saw something that piqued my interest and made up for the miles of walking in the desert wilderness with other skeletons looking for food and water – mostly middle aged men pretending they are free now that they are retired and don’t have to punch a clock.

Anyway, actually, I saw four very old workbenches replete with dovetailed wooden-jawed vises and tail vises all in place and functioning. That was the magnet that pulled me inside. Problem was all the benches were supporting water-pipe fixtures as coat rails for hanging clothes hangers from. They wouldn’t allow photo’s so I could only get this one to show you. Thought you could bin the clothes and use the benches. Add some life to the mall and have workshops all over the store.

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