Questions answered – “Pre” conditioning diamond plates

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Hi Paul,

I’ve been working my way through your book and have been enjoying it immensely. In regards to your diamond stones, is there any “pre” conditioning that needs to be done before using them? I’ve read other reviews that stated they “rubbed” down the rough diamonds before using them on their tools. I figured you’d be a reliable source, since I’m sure you’ve used a fair share of them.



Hello JB,

I have used the EZE Lap and DMT sharpening plates for over a decade now and have seen many sets and have never had to resort to any sort of preconditioning before using them proper. I use them straight from the get go and they do surface fracture immediately just in the normal process of sharpening which is natural and significant, but then they soon slow down in fracture and continue sharpening for years to come. Few other sharpening stones compare to diamond plates with regards to longevity and flatness; they are lifetime and they are great!

Best regards,