The Northeastern Woodworker’s Show in Upstate New York

I don’t know if any or all of you back East know of the Northeastern Woodworker’s Association (NWA) show in Saratoga Springs, New York, but this week I will be packing my bags and leaving my Welsh Mountains once again for an early Spring visit to NY. The show begins Saturday 31 March through 1 April and I am hoping to meet many of those I know and more yet that I don’t know there as yet, I will of course be demonstrating many hand tool techniques and methods most have never seen before throughout this two-day event in the New Legacy School of Woodworking booth. My demo’s will be each hour on the hour throughout the two days, so please stop by for 45 minutes of real woodworking around the bench…

…it’s here that you will learn that there’s more to planes and wood than mere shavings and saws than dust alone. I’ll show you how to sharpen and set a plane in under two minutes and any saw in under four. From dovetails to inlays and picture frames to working with children. Hold on to your seats. We will also be exhibiting some of the pieces you build in our workshop classes and I will be signing copies of my new book Working Wood the Artisan Course with Paul Sellers throughout the event.

The week after the show I will be preparing for our first workshop at the New Legacy School in Greenwich, New York. The school is nearing completion and the benches too. If you have interests in future workshops there then please contact the US school and please book your bench space as early as you can as many of the workshops fill in just a few days of posting.

I am so looking forward to the upcoming opening workshop.  It’s a full class of enthusiastic energy bursting at the seams of creativity and this is just the beginning. The whole NL team anticipates that this will be a new centre for woodworking excellence in New York and that woodworkers from many states will find their newfound skills through our workshops. Please follow our progress here or on Facebook and Twitter and we will give you many updates as the time draws nearer and nearer. We are planning an open house too. That way you can come and inspect the new school and see what we have to offer and meet the team that brought all of this together.

Hope to see you sometime in the next few weeks.

Best regards,