Assorted saw files

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Bahco saw files

I felt so confident about the Bahco files that I bought in several. I have always liked the two in one double-ended files because on handsaws and tenon saws with 9 or more teeth per inch run you use much shorter strokes and need no more than 3” of file cut to work with. This really makes sense to me as the file held in the handle means much less wastage of good file steel.

These at left are how we all remember UK files. They are Bahco also and a lot cheaper than the plastic handled ones. Don’t want to get into pricing and such, but Toolcity had very favourable prices.

As you can see, I bought a mixed bag of files including two more of the 8” double-ended files I shared about this past week. So far I have sharpened 20 mixed handsaws using only one half of the file and it is still cutting crisp, sharp saw teeth although I can feel the difference now between when I started.

I wanted some smaller files for cutting 20 PPI saws and for filing smaller auger bits too for which they are simply ideal. I have several fine saws with small teeth people sent for sharpening so I want to do that before I leave for the US next week.

Also, the Toolcity guys (UK) delivered the goods fast. I ordered at 6pm Wednesday and they arrived at 9am today. Well wrapped and protected and exactly as ordered with free shipping.

8 thoughts on “Assorted saw files”

  1. Toolcity only sells 4 double-ended files: two 6″, a 7″, and 8″. Can you please educate us about which of these files would be suitable for which PPI, since it is not immediately clear how these correspond to traditional sizes.

    1. Paul Sellers

      What they sell as Bahco 8″ is actually two 4″ in one file. It’s unfortunate that they don’t sell them as a sized file like Nicholson does i.e. slim, x slim, xx slim and so it is difficult to know how they size them and therefor which to choose. I ordered the ones i did so I can size them myself on specific saws. They are finely cut files and I even used the 8″ two-ended file on a 20-ppi and it worked fine. As you don’t generally find saws with more ppi in woodworking this is almost a one size fits all file, but I want to see if I feel differently after using their smaller files.

  2. andrew_lovelock

    Hi Paul, You can order Bahco saw files from You can get them with or without walnut Holtzaffel handles and the file sizes are given in slim, x slim, xx slim etc. I bought a set and they are great files.

    1. A 4″ extra, extra slim taper from Bahco or Grobet. Do not buy a Nicholson saw file from anywhere. It’s unlikely you’ll make it through a single saw.
      Also, you have to have pretty good eyesight and steady hands to sharpen a 20 tpi saw. I usually advise people not buy so fine a saw for their everyday work because you can file a whole tooth out in half a pass or with a slip.

  3. Paul, have you ever used Blu-Dan saw files? I found them for a reasonable price here in the US. I changed my wood working focus after I started watching your videos. I have always been more of a machine woodworker. I now want to learn as much as I can about doing it all by hand.

  4. I never thought of getting a double file; I appreciate your post on this subject!
    I bought a Crown tenon saw with 13 ppi. which Bahco file do I need? I’ve bought 6″ slim and extra slim, and both seem too big.

    I am considering Crown’s dovetail saw, but at 17 ppi, I’m worried the teeth are too small (old eyes). There’s a huge difference in size from a S&P 10 ppi panel saw, and the Crown tenon 13 ppi. Are there any makers left that have Dovetail saws with 10-12 ppi?

    Thanks so much!

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