Bluesky cafe

When I really need to focus and concentrate my writing efforts I do it in cafes best. Distractions somehow seem immaterial and of course once you have eaten and drunk a cup of tea you are ready to work.

Tuning out sounds is an amazing capacity we all have. Sitting in a crowd, you can tune in and out of conversations and focus or not. That’s ow it is when you work in a workshop and you are listening to the saw or the planer the spokeshave and scraper. Sound is as critical as sight when you work with hand tools and so too the sense of smell and touch. I tune in and out of one sense into another for confirmation and exchange of informations that then helps me to evaluate action and determine outcome.

“Scones and tea are an English thing I still enjoy from time to time” I wrote in my journal. It’s a simple ritual we Brits do.

2 thoughts on “Bluesky cafe”

  1. Richard Leon

    Paul, seeing your photo reminds me of a cafe in Caernarfon that makes the most wonderful scones. We always go there when we come to North Wales.

    1. Paul Sellers

      There are some nice cafes in Caernarfon too. My wife and I sometimes go there to shop and have tea.

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