Global woodworkers, Welcome!!!

To all our friends following in Eastern and mainland Europe, welcome, welcome and thank you for your support and emails. Africa, thank you too and then those of you in China, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Argentina, Indonesia, Israel, India and Egypt I hope that you are enjoying working wood as much as I do. Best regards to all of you. Please remember that my blog is for everyone and as freely as possible. What we have been given we should freely give, regardless of what it is.

Many of you above are experiencing difficulties we Brits don’t have and that is finding the right tools at the right price. Finding wood is a problem for some of you too. I am sorry that I cannot help you with this problem at this moment, but who knows what can happen. One thing that I have learned and that is by necessity you will find a way to do this. I hope that you can persevere under this adverse situation to reconcile what you lack. Please keep your emails and encouragements coming in. Perhaps globally we can find solutions by networking together in the Real Woodworking Campaign.

For those countries I missed, please let us know where you are and I will add you to the list of global woodworkers who love the idea of Real Woodworking and seek skill and mastery through a working knowledge of real wood as apposed to machine only woodworking where skill has been dumbed down to little more than an evaporating cloud of nothingness.

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  1. You are helping me very much, You inspire me with your passion to working wood by hand.
    After putting the kids to sleep I get down to the basement and start working, conquering my fear of bad result and repeating the words next time will be better.
    Thanks you for sharing your huge knowledge and doing it with a smile and modesty.
    Gil from Israel

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