Making tables today at Penrhyn Castle

This is my Part III of my Foundational Workshop and so today we start a table in oak. I finished milling the wood and prepping the workshop yesterday with Joseph. I love these workshops so much. it’s the people that come that I enjoy the most and as they do come back time after time we develop quite a relationship, which of course is what life is all about.

Table design is important and looking at the essentials enables us to think through choices we hitherto never thought about. trestle stables, leg shapes, apron sizes and so on all figure into the equation. Other aspects I think of are the people I make for both on a commercial level as a maker but also for friends and relatives through the years. My own children and so on, grandchildren and such. I remember carving the names of my grandchildren into boxes I had made for them. Max. George, Eve, Fred, Jack and now we have one I have missed and two more on the way in a few months. sorry, got off track.

See you in class those of you coming in to North Wales. Safe travels!