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Walk the woods, get sanity, find peace

Today I am determined to finish off some things but my wellbeing comes from a range of important things and not just working wood. It’s as important for me to walk the wood as it is to work the wood. Against my better judgement I often discover things I would otherwise miss when I walk instead of work. I am a high-demand person. I demand a lot of myself in a given day. I also have many responsibilities in the day to day of organising our woodworking schools and the work of re-establishing real woodworking has indeed become our campaign, but the most important elements of life are human relationships and connecting with people regardless of who they are or who you are. In order to do this I have discovered that I must get away for short burst of time to think, not think, breath. I leave my computer and my mobile (cell US), my car, my workshop, my tools, my home and disappear into the woods or along the beach below my house for just half an hour. There, without the connecting of cyberspace and the digitised world we somehow seem to have been unwittingly enticed by, I find a peace where I can think about others, people I care about and people I have never met and will never know. I look up at a limb two feet in diameter and 20 feet up, jutting from its support stem and ask myself, “How is that even possible?” I pull myself away and listen to the cuckoo down beyond the river, I watch the river for the Little Dipper walking beneath the water from rock to rock. There is sanity in thinking of others, my friends, those I don’t know and those in other countries. I have thought much about Australia this week. An Aussie came through Penrhyn Castle this week and said, “I love your shed. This is some shed my friend.” I thought about all of my Aussie woodworking friends out there on the opposite side from England and wondered just for a moment about what they are doing in their woodshops.

Don’t forget; take a walk in the woods and rest from your own work for a while. Find sanity and peace and then go back to your second job changed. I wrote a post some time back telling people to see there day job as their part time job and their evening woodworking as their true vocational calling. Puts life into perspective.


  1. Paul Sellers on 20 June 2012 at 8:58 pm

    Yeah! Change in perspective.

  2. Henrique on 3 June 2015 at 7:11 pm

    Beautiful test knew words. I Love your work, Please do not Change your Personality and simplicity.
    Tue people are stresses and poorly educated, but Tue important thing os ti have and do a Job you Love.
    A Big thank you Paul Sellers

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