Apprenticing Phil Adams

Two weeks ago Phil Adams started his apprenticeship with me and quickly settled in at his bench making a range of spoons and spatulas to sell here at Penrhyn Castle. This supports him as he trains. Over the months to come he will progress towards becoming a woodworker and furniture maker. This process takes about a year for most apprentices. Very different than mine. In my apprentice days we focused on the art of sweeping shavings from the floor. With eight workmen planing every single surface that left the shop my work was keeping down the high tide that amassed around their ankles every hour. In the winter there were enough shavings to stoke the boiler and keep the shop warm. Those were the days when British winters were cold.











As many of you know, my last apprentice John Winter completed his course in 2011 and returned to Patagonia and now is making his way into the wonderful world of lifestyle woodworking. He is using woods I know little of and he is creative in his thoughts and his style. Phil has already made several things and now he is mastering the art of shaping, which means he will understand what wood is and how it must be worked. We will be giving updates on his progress as he trains, but meanwhile please follow us as we grow in woodworking alongside one another over the next opening months.


  1. J Guengerich on 4 July 2012 at 4:57 pm

    Go get ’em Phil!
    It is a great opportunity, being able to learn from Paul Sellers the art of working wood.
    Best of luck in your endeavors in woodworking.

    • Philip Adams on 6 July 2012 at 9:31 pm

      Thank you very much, I’m very grateful to get the opportunity to learn from Paul and work alongside him.

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