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Meanwhile back in NY

I arrived back in the US yesterday and things look quite wonderful at the New Legacy NY school.

We are already progressing towards the month-long workshop that starts on Monday morning and I know everyone is very excited about it. I also know that the UK month-long in November is about full too. These are progressive steps designed to train new-genre woodworkers who want to become master woodworkers, invest time and energy to do so and are establishing skill as an investment in their future. Some will change jobs and seek to become furniture makers, but that’s not necessarily the goal at all. The goal is to become masters at the craft whether it becomes a way of earning from it or not. It is however vocational in that people do it because it’s a calling. Watch the progress we make in the workshop over the next few weeks through the blog and maybe our YouTube videos as we progress and see how people’s lives can be transformed and energised as we go.ToolsMany crafts rely on using hand tools to work raw materials into useful products, but the category of tools used to work wood from the growing tree to the finished product is probably the largest category of all. With dozens of chisel types and over 350 planes, the seemingly complex variety may seem bewildering, but with just ten hand tools and three joints you can make thousands of projects ranging from wooden boxes to four-poster beds and coffee tables to dining chairs of every type.



  1. Eric Potter on 11 July 2012 at 2:59 pm


    This is terrific. Although circumstances with work did not come together for me this year, I’m really looking forward to attending this month-long in the near future. Any chance that next year’s will be held sometime other than race season? Meanwhile I just finished a pair of craftsman style bunk beds with 56 hand-cut mortise and tenons that I would never have even attempted without your book and videos. Thanks for your incredible efforts and gentle but firm teaching style.

    • Paul Sellers on 14 July 2012 at 2:57 am

      yes, we hope to have two one month workshops, repeating this one and adding another with three more but differentc projects. You will haves a choice that way.

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