Buying good tools cheap – Bullnose planes

Bullnose planes are an added luxury until you really need one. I bought my Stanley 90 in 1966 and I am still using it. The nickel plating is mostly gone now and I never altogether understood why they used it because mine never did rust. I just use it a little and a lot depending on the project in hand. Sometimes we think specialist planes like this are dedicated but I use mine a lot for removing the arris from projects such as drawers or boxes, even after they are made.

I just bought one on eBay as a BuyitNow bargain at £31. This is a good price for an older little used model. I own a couple made by Veritas and also e Preston. All good stuff really.

Bullnose planes come into their own when you need to ease a drawer runner inside a confined space.


Have to abandon this as i am boarding my plane .


3 thoughts on “Buying good tools cheap – Bullnose planes”

    1. I haven’t tried or seen one in reality. Hard to assess without using one on a daily basis for a year or so. I use the same model in the Stanley make and it’s my favourite.

    2. The only way to test any plane or tool with no long term historic past is in the using of it on a daily basis over months. This is as close a copy of the long established Stanley 90 I have used for fifty years but at the end of the day it’s in the fitting and fitments that count. Will the thread hold up, the casting tapped to receive the screws and such like that. That can only come from hours and days of working. This may well be =a good plane but we have no way of knowing as any tool review has no way of testing long term. Also, the tool itself is usually only used minimally. I would be glad to test the Axminster range as this company does put a lot of investment of time and money into creating quality products.

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