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Remember when I first set up my workspace tattle New Legacy New York school and I had cupboards more centralised to the shop. Well, for me, as a blogger and photographer, it was hard to  get the light I needed without resorting tas situated lighting or flash. These create artificial images and this that I find distorts so many images in books. In rewriting much if my work I have striven to use only available light and so we will see what difference that makes in the future. When I say available light I do mean electric lights as well, just not flash.
In the changes I made I found myself settling down, becoming contented in the zone as it were. Adding my additional tools and recreating the same system I use in the UK workshop is not possible, but I have to be able to work, teach, film and photograph with equal ease and so
Devising what I have now seems not to have come easily, but yesterday it all gelled for me.
Yet another class closes today and everyone will leave with more than they came with. Boxes, bookshelves and tables finish off the foundational course we offer and we know that they will go on to good things. Still, as our online work continues to expand, everyone will have the benefit of continuing their training, especially is this so for those who have attended my classes. Today will be an intense day as everyone begins clamping up their tables and finishing off. It’s a goo in tenseness though. Especially when the tops are planed, scraped and sanded and the turn buttons fixing the top to the legs are done. Tomorrow I leave for the UK and the month-long UK program.

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  1. We have decided to do two things. We want to improve on what we first offered and create something gentler and even more graceful and more informative. We learned so much the first go around and we are grateful for that. We also want to create a system where people pay for projects via our Online Broadcast and but we give away as much foundational teaching and training as we see possible via the Paul Sellers YouTube channel. It’s all a course that takes you from raw beginner to advanced craftsmanship as a new-genre apprenticeship training program.

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